Dr. Tony D’Angelo,

Improve your health and overall wellbeing with this weekly, online class.


What is Nei Gong?


Nei Gong is a practice of inner cultivation that allows one to process stress and manage anxiety, work through emotional and physical trauma and balance the body, emotions and spirit. This program is for everyone, from beginners to practitioners.

Dr. Tony D’Angelo, DMQ

Dr. Tony has decided to offer our monthly membership program for anyone who wants to give themselves the gift of wellness and health. 

This program will be a weekly offering of a live class. Two times a month Dr. Tony will be presenting new information, presenting the concepts behind the information and then demonstrating the techniques. The weeks in between you will have the opportunity to practice and ask questions of advanced practitioners.


Do not be concerned if you cannot attend the live events, these classes will be available online for replay at your convenience. The live Tuesday night class is just the thing to help you through anxiety over covid, politics and anything else that is stressing you out. This program is for all levels, if you are advanced you will move to new levels. If you have never done meditation, qigong or inner arts… it’s perfect for you as well.

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