Medical Qigong

What is Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is a holistic health care system that identifies the root causes of disease and uses energy as a conduit to facilitate healing. The Medical Qigong practitioner may prescribe exercises, meditations and healing practices tailored specifically to each patient with the goal of restoring health. As such, qigong acts as an excellent complement to Western medicine, or it may even be used exclusively to treat symptoms deemed resistant to Western medicine and/or prescription drugs.

Dr. Tony D’Angelo,


As in Western medicine, the Medical Qigong practitioner may offer post-treatment prescriptions. However, rather than pharmaceuticals, the Medical Qigong practitioner prescribes exercises such as qigong meditation and/or dietary recommendations. Medical Qigong treatments also help patients by:
• Identifying and correcting energy imbalances or blockages
• Helping reduce chronic pain symptoms
• Strengthening the nervous and immune systems
• Restoring physical energy and increasing stamina
• Promoting healing through the practice of specific mind-body exercises
• Enhancing spiritual and emotional well-being

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