Here at Tranquil Cloud Temple we practice multiple forms of training designed to purge the body, mind, and spirit of self destructive energetic patterns as well as restore, balance, and build the body’s energy to a level of complete wellness.

Through the practice of various forms of Qigong exercises, Medical Qigong, Taoist Breathing Techniques, and Taoist Meditations an individual is taught how to cultivate the body’s internal energy (qi).  In addition to Qigong cultivation practices, we also teach classical martial aspects of energetic manipulation through the training of Shobayashi Shorin Ryu Okinawan Karate.

At Tranquil Cloud Temple we endeavor to excel at living life in a healthy and balanced way so that everyday stress, illnesses, and harmful invasive pathogens do not invade and destroy the body, mind, and spirit.
If one allows a problem to endure for a month or a day, or even a few minutes, it distorts the mind.