Medical Qigong Treatment

What can you expect from a Medical Qigong session?


Medical Qigong sessions typically last about one hour. This may vary depending on the nature of the client’s condition, and/or other existing factors.


During the initial client interview, the Medical Qigong practitioner evaluates the clients physical, emotional, and energetic condition. Based on the information learned from this initial session, the practitioner may then prescribe a treatment program.



Since physical barriers do not impede the flow of qi, there is no need for the client to undress. Standing near the client, the Medical Qigong practitioner may be expected to gently touch key areas of the body to facilitate energy flow and promote healing. The purpose of the treatment is twofold: 1) to release qi blockages that represent the root cause of the ailment or disease; and 2) to restore qi flow, strengthen any deficiencies, and rejuvenate the body to a balanced state.


When stagnant or toxic energy is released, the client may experience sensations such as warmth, tingling, or even muscle twitching. These sensations represent qi as it flows throughout the body. Some may even feel a sudden emotional outpouring, as long-standing, harmful emotions are purged and qi is restored. Whatever the case, many find the treatments rejuvenating and highly beneficial.